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Jim Holder, through Positive Intentions, is in the business of finding the silver lining for the betterment of people's lives. Whether in a therapeutic counseling session or in the training of like-minded helping professionals, the goal is the discovery of guiding beliefs and positive intentions for problematic behaviors.

Clients and people in general, often say they want to "find themselves". Jim's philosophy is that they are not lost, but unaware of their personal guiding beliefs. Therapy is guided by the client and the counselor toward gaining awareness of their beliefs and positive intentions. There are DVD's, a CD, workbooks and counseling for personal use.

Jim Holder's trainings are centered on teaching professionals the concepts and methods of Positive Intentions, and how to quickly move clients to insight and freedom of movement. Jim has, through Positive Intentions, developed training modules, DVD's, and printed materials for physicians, counselors, and other professionals.

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